Der Weg öffnet sich, sobald das Individuum in seiner menschlichen Gestalt (also Du) innerlich Widerstand leistet und seinem unmittelbaren Universum verkündet:

>• Es reicht! Ich werde nicht länger an der Täuschung teilhaben ...

>• Ich werde meine Energie nicht länger an dieses Blendwerk verschwenden ...

>• Ich werde nicht länger tatenlos zusehen, wie andere leiden ...

>• Ich werde mich nicht länger von Selbstzweifeln quälen lassen und zulassen, dass die Machthabenden mein Schicksal lenken ...

>• Ich werde mich nicht länger vom Ablenkungsmanöver der Elite täuschen lassen ...

>• Ich werde nicht länger damit warten, aktiv zu werden; denn JETZT ist die Zeit dafür ...

Wenn Du das nicht nur mit Worten, sondern auch mit Taten tust, dann wird sich vor Dir eine Weite auftun; eine ganz besondere Leere und Stille, die sich sprachlich nicht fassen lässt. Hier nun kannst Du Dich erheben und die Ganzheit, Gleichheit und Wahrheit des Sovereign Integral ausstrahlen. Genau das ist das aktive Tun, das die Welt verändern wird. Nicht Organisationen, Sekten oder Milizen werden den Wandel bringen, denn sie können der Elite (noch) nicht die Stirn bieten. Nur das "Selbst", das Souverände Integral, das sich in Harmonie mit der Erde befindet, kann der Elite entgegentreten und die Ära der Transparenz und Entfaltung einleiten!

In 1972, the Ancient Arrow site was discovered in New Mexico (Chaco Canyon) by a few young hikers. They came upon some caverns which led deeply into the mountain side. These caverns were spreading out like a wheel on both sides of a long tunnel. Each side-tunnel ended in a chamber, 23 all together, and these chambers all had artifacts in them. The young hikers were in awe because they figured what they saw couldn't be of this world!

The site was subsequently taken over by a special branch of the United States National Security Agency whose mission is to create and decode encrypted messages. In short time, the NSA came to the same conclusion as the hikers, that these artifacts, in the form of out-of-this-world paintings, odd-looking technologies, engraved symbols and complex star charts were something they'd never seen here on Earth before. They named the site, Ancient Arrow Project, it was categorized as ‘Above-Top-Secret’ and it was sealed off from public access.

Upon further explorations of the caverns and the chambers, they found other artifacts besides paintings, such as poetry, music discs and a disc containing more than 8,000 pages with written material in a language similar to Sumerian. However not even the best linguists at the U.S. Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) could decode any of it.

The Ancient Arrow Project was shelved for 22 years, due to an inability to have the technology required to open an informational disc found at the site, and decipher what was written on it.

Eventually one of the scientists who devoted his life to understanding these encoded transmissions, found himself in telepathic contact with the very civilization that prepared this underground enigmatic time capsule. They are a civilization living 800 years into our future on our timeline and they left these traces and the advanced wisdom to us to be opened in our future when we on Earth, are ready.

The creators of the time capsule referred to themselves as WingMakers. They claimed to be culture bearers, bringing seeds of art, science and philosophy to humanity. They created in remote locations on Earth a total of seven of these massive interior theaters, tunnels, chambers and time capsules to be discovered according to a well-orchestrated plan. Their apparent goal was to help the next several generations of humans develop a global culture; and a unified understanding of advanced science, art and philosophy.

Similar chambers and amphitheaters inside mountains have been located in Tibet and Iraq and another appears to be beneath the Sphinx in Egypt. Interestingly, archeologists digging near some of the remarkable time capsule locations have discovered burial plots that upon exhumation reveal skeletons measuring 7 to 10 feet tall, supporting the research that very large people inhabited these areas.

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