William M. Tompkins was a very important famous aerospace engineer with an unbelievable knowledge in alien species and outer space programming. He said to have witnessed experiences the humankind could ever imagine to be real, according to his findings the extraterrestrial world happens to be closer to us than what we might think.

The veteran insider of the Secret Space Program worked during his Navy enrollment with secret UFO designs that U.S. spies obtained in Germany back in the 1940s including study and reverse engineering of Nazi-designed antigravity spacecraft.

In addition, Tompkins reports dealing on advanced spacecraft designs based on information that was developed with the assistance of extraterrestrials.

Furthermore, William Tompkins says he performed most of his work with ETs – Nordic alien women who looked very alike from humans and who supported him in his process in the Think Tank Advanced Design Engineering Department at Douglas. Moreover, he reveals that the Nazis already had operational UFOs before the landing of Apollo to the moon, and that most of the astronauts sent out were freemasons. Due to this theory, the US spies were able to obtain and developed its own fleet of UFOs – which then got siphoned off into the black military sphere under the control of the ultra secretive group known as the MJ 12 or Majestic 12, that came into existence in the 1940s to “manage” the UFO/alien issue.

Tompkins revealing Reptilians are present in our dimension.

Tompkins stated that the governments, especially the powerful ones know extraterrestrial activity does exist, in fact, they communicate constantly because they belong as part of a treaty program that everything created in our world is aimed to infest it with diseases and war with the purpose of generating fear, chaos, and a shorter life time-like the gasses you must have seen being spread in our air for example. And this is all due to the control of the reptilian and extraterrestrial beings out there.

This is no SciFi movie, it is a reality. Who knows when would this information going to be publicize but in the meantime you can give yourself a chance to realized that every single thing that surrounds our planet earth is well structured to make us believe clones, aliens, entertainment manipulation, harm, violence, abductions, child and human sex trafficking, and more is all made up……

More of these incredible events will be noted during the full interviews available in our interview section menu for you to watch-whether this is true or false, we have to remember that these space programmers are witnesses of a world dimension that we have very little knowledge. We suggest checking this information out and keep yourselves updated by doing research that relates to data not available to our human race. This is not a matter of who sounds smarter, who knows more, if you believe is all fake or all real, instead is an approachable method in finding what is behind the dark power that we have been trampled in believing in only what we want to hear-FAKE NEWS.

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